I like to exercise my mobility; to stimulate my mind and to do good things.

In the past, I’ve driven or been driven over a million kilometres on rodas andoof; and travelled many thousands of times on public transport in its various forms. In Australia. In Germany and wider Europe. I’ve spent weeks at sea on a ship.

My name is Bernd Felsche. I have a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Western Australia from which I gathered that I know practically nothing at all, and understand even less.

Problems are to be solved. Technological problems can be solved with technology. Other problems have only temporary solutions.

The traffic environment is a result of people’s needs and wishes to move freely.

That environment contains technological components in the roads and their proximity as well as in the vehicles that provide the mechanical means to move about. Engineers can devise and implement various elemnts in that environment, as well as inviting people to use those elements in a particular way.

The actual behaviour of individuals in the traffic environment cannot however be designed; only accommodated to a degree.

While there are laws drawn up with the intent of providing safety and effective use of transport, one must always keep in mind that laws which threaten do not persuade.

It is inate self-interest that provides means of effective persuasion. To shape attitudes for the co-operative and safe use of means of transport; for mutual benefit. Without the need for regulation.

(more to follow)

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